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This free book is a revelation producing book of your new creation realities that shows you how to live successfully in your new life as a member of God's family.

Religion is failing in its mission to train you to walk in the realities of being a born-again new creation in Christ through the blood covenant He died to enable us to enter.

The Apostle John told us that "as He is, so are we in this world".  Do you honestly know how to live by faith according to God's Word?  This little book will give you great understanding of how to live by faith and be an imitator of you Heavenly Father so you can live successfully in the kingdom of God while on this earth.


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"Rob Board does an awesome job in helping believers understand who they are in God and what they possess in God. Rob also teaches believers how to live an overcoming life by living in and under God's New Covenant." -- Steve Martin

Most people have no idea of the concept of what covenant means, and a covenant is exactly what Christians have entered into with God through Christ's sacrifice. This book explains what a covenant relationship is and how it differs from a modern day contract. Understanding this will help bring great joy, power, and freedom into the life of a believer, open his eyes to who he really is, and to finally bring understanding about what it means to be IN Christ! A must read for everyone who is interested in knowing God and what He's really like.  --- Jenny Barbour

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