HARVEST - God's Blueprint for kingdom living

The first phase of the harvest

When we read the Book of Acts, which could be called the book of the harvest,  and we see what took place after the Holy Spirit was sent on the Day of Pentecost the Church of today should bow our heads in shame.  On the very first day in the most hostile political and religious environment known to man at that time over three thousand people were brought into the kingdom of God.  Within a few short weeks after that thousands more were brought into God’s kingdom .  All of these people became the Church, the “ecclesia” or “called out ones”, and were assimilated into small groups, or cell congregations, all over the city and surrounding areas.  From those days forward in time in less than thirty years most of the known world had been penetrated with the “good news” that “the kingdom of God was at hand”.  The only means of transportation in those days was donkey, horse, small ships, and walking.  Yet because of their passion to obey their Lord and make Him known to the world they went everywhere with this news and everywhere they went they were used by their Lord to bring people out of the kingdom of darkness and help them to enter into the kingdom of God . 

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The Scripture tells us in 1 John4:17 that "as He is, so are we in this world."

Are you living your life as He did while on this earth? Or as He is now?

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