ROB BOARD, my wife Sylvia, our youngest son, and our daughter have lived in Christiansburg, Virginia since 1997. Our oldest son, Shannon, still resides in Lakeland, Florida. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, but in 1974 I was "born again" after hearing the proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus in a small pentecostal Church of God.

I and my family attended that church fellowship for about two years before God spoke to my heart in prayer one day and told me to leave that ministry and go submit myself to a Pastor named Quentin Edwards to be discipled. I, reluctantly, obeyed this command and spoke with Pastor Edwards about what God had impressed upon me that I was to submit to him for training in the ministry and the Pastor agreed to it and a strong relationship began.

Quentin Edwards was the pastor of Cypress Cathedral in Winter Haven, Florida with a congregation of about 2000 at that time.

My "ministry" education started by simply being faithful in attendance to the meetings and over a period of two years I had opportunity to become a small group leader and eventually became a deacon in the church. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:16 -- "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. " This is what happened in my life. In 1978 I was asked to join the staff of Cypress Cathedral and develop the small group ministry and this began the "occupational ministry" for me.

During the next five years I worked with Quentin Edwards, who was known around the world as a missionary evangelist, and I was trained and used in all areas of ministry including pastoral care, counseling, youth ministry, deliverance, development of small group ministry, teaching, administration, facilities construction, leadership training, and was mentor to several young men who are now in ministries of their own.

While this was going on I had the opportunity to meet, fellowship with, and be taught by people such as Dr. T.L. Osborn, Winkey Pratney, Joy Dawson, Judson Cornwall, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Kenneth Hagin, Sr., Kenneth Hagin, Jr., Dr. Paul Yonngi Cho, Bob Wiener, Pat Robertson, Bennie Hinn, Loren Cunningham, Charles Simpson, Derek Prince, Maxwell White, Charles Capps, Don Bassham, Charles and Frances Hunter, and a host of others. This is all said not to name drop or be exalted in pride, it simply gives you an idea of the input that God has made in my life so I can help enable others as I have been enabled. The Scripture says "To who much is given, much is required." I have been given much and I am required to share what I have been given for God's purposes. That is the reason for this website. To give to the world what has been given to me.

As a part of this ministry at Cypress Cathedral God enabled me to develop a youth ministry from 30 to over 250 in a period of 2 years which included Jr. High, High School, and College age youth. I also introduced the ministry of deliverance, or exorcism, to the church's ministries. I also oversaw the construction of a 6-story HUD financed retirement building for the elderly. While working with Quentin Edwards I had the opportunity to develop into his senior associate pastor and had many opportunities to teach publicly from the pulpit on Sundays and Wednesdays when he was involved in other ministry trips.

Quentin at one time said that "Rob Board was one of the best teachers of the Word of God he knew". That was quite a compliment coming from a man of his stature and reputation in the ministry world.

From the time I was converted into the kingdom of God until now I have always been one to ask questions. When I saw something we were not doing I would ask "Why aren't we doing this?" Most of the answers I got were like this: "Rob, we can't do that because the denomination would not approve", or "Rob, we would start loosing people if we changed like that and we can't afford to loose any people our overhead is too high", or simply "rob, that is not the way we do it." I was often asked, "Rob, why do you ask so many questions?" This was frustrating to me because I always thought we were to do what the Bible instructed us to do, not what some man or group of men said to do.

This is what caused me to search the Scriptures diligently and pray to seek God's ways and instructions. This caused me to want to be accurate in everything I taught and have it well backed up by what the Bible actually said, not simply what I thought about the subject. This has been foundational in Rob Board Ministries and Covenant Kingdom Ministries.

In the mid 1980's Quentin left the pastorate of Cypress Cathedral and went to a new ministry in Toronto, Canada. When he left, I was released by God to leave the ministry at Cypress Cathedral because I had been well equipped for the work of the ministry and my discipler released me to go forth and do whatever God told me to do and I started Rob Board Ministries which soon became the founder of Covenant Harvester Church in 1986.

This congregation was to be a trans-denominational ministry that had the thrust of teaching how to live the kingdom lifestyle in this culture. While being the pastor of this group of people I had opportunity to go to other church ministries and teach the principles of the kingdom as well as go on several missions trips to Haiti. While at CHC I spent most of my time discipling a group of men and equipped them to become small group leaders.

As the Pastor, I became aware that I no longer had any relationships with the unconverted because I was so busy with other believers all the time, so I began to ask God to change that. The Holy Spirit showed me that I could be more effective for the kingdom of God outside the institutional church and still be able to do what pastor's are supposed to do -- which is "to equip the saints for the work of ministry." By doing this it also gave other people an opportunity to rise up and exercise their gifts and callings without me as a bottleneck keeping them from rising.

So in 1995 I resigned the church pastorate, turned the leadership over to men who had been trained in that ministry, and I went into business to support my family. In 1997 I and my family moved to the mountains of Southwest Virginia and there I have been able to build a successful cleaning company that has done business in over 6 states.

After several years away from the institutional church ministries, God has again instructed me saying, "Rob, develop a focus on teaching the message of the kingdom of God, the Lordship of Jesus, and to help people be equipped to do the work of the ministry." This is the reason for this Covenant Kingdom website.

During my time in ministry I have had the opportunity to develop training manuals and materials that can be used in small groups, in discipleship processes, and the general equipping that believers can use to develop their understanding of kingdom lifestyles and principles. Many of these are being converted to e-books at this time and will be made available in the near future.

Some of the subjects are:

The thrust of my current ministry is the teaching of people and ministries how to live the new covenant lifestyle on a daily basis and the development of small group discipleship for multiplication. These groups can meet anywhere at anytime. The focal point of all meetings is Jesus as we edify, encourage, and equip each other under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is very spontaneous and organic in nature. This style of meeting allows people to learn to develop and use the gifts God has given to each under the guidance of more mature experienced followers of Jesus and allows for discussion concerning anything that is taught or demonstrated in the meeting.

The cry of my heart is for the raising up of men and women of integrity that will cut loose the shackles of religion, tradition, conformity, and mediocrity in order to become the salt and light we were commissioned to be. Let's challenge our humanistic societies and the kingdom of darkness with a clear and bold proclamation and demonstration that Jesus Christ is Lord and King and His kingdom is at hand.

My mission is to teach you, train you, and equip you to do what God has called you to be and do and then turn you loose to do it!

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