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Change is upon us
August 29, 2014
Hi, Rob here!
Today I want to share some thoughts about......


I sincerely apologize it has been so long since my last communique'. This e-mail is to let you know of some changes I am making in my communicating with the people who have signed up to receive various newsletters, video training, and e-books I have made available. If you are receiving this e-mail then you have signed up to receive the "Covenant Communique'" on a regular basis. This particular newsletter was to go out on a monthly basis, but I have failed to fulfill my responsibility to provide this mailing on the regular basis promised. For that I am deeply sorry and ask for your forgiveness.

I am changing the format of this newsletter from a monthly mailing to a weekly mailing in order to stay in contact with you and provide much more information in a more regular and manageable basis. This newsletter will not only deal with spiritual growth matters, but also with subjects dealing with all the enablements God has made available to us for our personal growth and development in all areas of our lives. I will provide information dealing with our

  • spiritual growth,
  • developing the ability to live in abundance,
  • developing and using our faith,
  • our health and healing issues,
  • how to develop and achieve goals in life,
  • how to develop and use the creative abilities God has given to us,
  • how to sustain our financial well-being with our own business,
  • how to overcome things likes like fear, lack, bitterness, hatred, anger,etc,
  • and many more subjects.

This new newsletter will be designed with the goal of providing you with information that will enable you to have a better life filled with success, abundance, and good health.

The new newsletter will be entitled "TO YOUR SUCCESS" and will be sent to you from the following email address: The first newsletter has already been sent from this e-mail address. Please open it, read it, and respond to it.

Please set up your computer to receive these mailings and not reject them to the spam folder. As always, you have the right to opt out of receiving these mailings simply by letting me know. I promise I will never spam you, nor overwhelm your inbox with useless mailings, but you will receive links to other sites and products beside my own that I believe may be beneficial to you. Some will provide free materials and some materials will have a cost to them. You never have to purchase anything unless you believe it will be of benefit to your life. I hope you will continue to allow me to send my new styled e-mail newsletter to you because I truly believe it will be of great benefit to your life and your growth as member of God's family. Peace, abundance, and good health be with you.

  • Rob
  • The Covenant Kingdom

The links below will take you to my E-books for more training in your walk with the Lord in His kingdom.

Winning the Battle for Your Mind

Deliverance / Exorcism Training Manual

The New Covenant E-book

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