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Successful Living as a New Creation in Christ


The "blood covenant" is the way God has chosen to interact with His human family.  

Isaiah 55:8-9 -- "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts."

God’s ways are not our ways. That simply means that the way God does things is not the way that we would do things. He says that His ways and thoughts are very different from ours. His “way” means the way He does things, His methods of operation, and the way He acts or reacts to various situations. He is absolutely unchangeable in “His ways”.

A covenant is a binding agreement and the most powerful of these agreements known to man is what is called “a blood covenant”. The “blood covenant” that is most familiar to most of us is a relationship between two men where they cut their wrists and mingle their blood together and become known as “blood-brothers”. The steps involved in making this type of relationship are explained on the next page.


Have you noticed that the Bible tells us of several blood covenants made but the two primary are the Old and the New?

Let me briefly explain the difference between the two we are most familiar with.

The Old was made between God and Abraham and Abraham’s descendants.  See Genesis 15:1-21 and Genesis 17:1-14.  This Old Agreement was based upon obedience to the Law that was given through Moses that laid down the rules that had to be followed in order to receive the benefits of the covenant. The Law made it impossible for anyone to live by it and was intended to reveal man’s sinfulness and inability to please God thereby showing man that he was in need of someone to deliver him from the Law and the consequences of his sinfulness. The Bible says in Romans 6:23 that “the wages of sin is death.” The Old Relationship became what we have in modern times known as the religion of Judaism.

The New Covenant was made between Jesus and anyone who would enter into it by faith and believing because that binding relationship was made between the Son of God and the Son of Man. The understanding of the role of “the representative” is critical in our understanding of our relationship with God. This relationship is based upon grace, or God’s unearned favor, and is the answer to the problem of sin. This new relationship restores mankind to God’s original intent for him as a son or daughter in His family with all of the benefits that come from being a co-heir with Jesus of all the blessings that God, the Father, has to offer. What an astonishing truth!!!!! This New Covenant, which is a blood covenant,  is what has become distorted and devolved into the religion called Christianity.



Jesus never intended to give us a new religion called Christianity.  He intended for humanity to have a way to enter into God's family through the means of a blood covenant.

He stated in John 10:10 -- “; I came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly.” He came, not to give us a cold static religion, but to give an abundant life that comes through being in a grace inspiried relationship with God the Father through Him.

This is a way of God that is much different than our ways. This New Relationship that is offered by Jesus is a way to actually bring us into the family of God as a co-heir with Jesus as His blood brother and transforms us into a “new creation” in Jesus Christ.

Here are a few of the benefits of being in this relationship with Jesus:

  • We are “new creations”
  • We are to “walk by the Spirit, not according to the flesh”
  • We are to “reign” in life
  • We are “aliens” in this world, but citizens of heaven
  • We are partakers of the “divine nature”
  • We are “kings and priests”
  • We are “seated with Christ in heavenly places”
  • We can “do all things through Christ”
  • The “Holy Spirit lives in us”
  • We “are slaves unto righteousness”
  • We are “dead to sin”
  • We have been “delivered from the kingdom of darkness”
  • We have been “born again into the kingdom of God”
  • Etc.

When we begin to see the truth of this new relationship and what God has made available to us through the shedding of the blood of Jesus as our substitute it will absolutely revolutionize your Christian lifestyle and your relationship with God and others. It represents the most serious and binding agreement that two people can enter into.

Without an understanding of this incredible relationship given to us by God's grace nothing in Christianity is different than any other "religion" on the earth.

But true Christianity is not religion -- it is a blood covenant  RELATIONSHIP!

Without understanding this awesome relationship with the living God we have no hope of salvation, we have no hope of answered prayer, we have no hope of a working faith in God. We have nothing but an empty religion with an abundance of useless activity, form, ritual, and idol worship.

Even our faith is an act of presumption. It becomes meaningless without a foundation of covenant relationship with the living God. It is simply an act of having faith in our faith, which is a giant leap into meaninglessness. Biblical faith is a response to something that God has said or done. God lays the foundation, He takes the initiative, and our faith is simply our response to what God has already done. There has to be a solid foundation upon which we settle our faith so that our faith becomes anchored in something, or someone, that we know, that we know, that we know. It fosters a supreme confidence that is absolutely foundational to anything we believe, say, or do in what we call being a Christian.

Again, let me emphasize, Jesus said in John 10:10, ";...I came that they might have LIFE, and might have it abundantly." This LIFE is given to us by God through the relationship we have with Him through Jesus. It is based in grace, His unearned blessing, that cannot be earned by you. It is simply entered into by faith on our part.

In our Western thinking we define the term covenant as simply an agreement between two parties and if one party wants to break it, so be it. You might battle it out in court, but the "agreement, or contract" can be broken and the two parties will go they own way. An example would be a marriage ending in divorce.

From the mindset of the Eastern understanding from which the Bible was originally written, an agreement made with the shedding and mingling of blood between the makers is the union of two parties in which all assets, debts, liabilities, talents, etc. are held mutually together and this agreement can only be broken by the death of one of the primary makers of this agreement. This binding relationship is worked out in very carefully defined promises and pledges that each makes to the other. The key word is UNION. A blood covenant is a UNION OF TWO PEOPLE OR PARTIES into one new person ( a new creation if you will), in which everything is shared together in common. It is truly an EXCHANGED LIFE.

Everything we have is now His and everything He has is now ours. What an incredible exchange. The best example of this is again the marriage ceremony in which vows are exchanged "until death do us part". This is what happens in a blood covenant ceremony. Vows are exchanged "until death" of one of the makers of this agreement.

This UNION that is developed is the revolutionary reality of the New Covenant. It is a reality that, when understood, radically changes our LIFE as we know it.

We can no longer be the same! We are fundamentally changed forever! We are now living in a friendship relationship with the God of the universe in an EXCHANGED LIFE!

Everything in this website is based upon the understanding of living in this wonderful relationship with God in His covenant kingdom. In this section of the website we will examine the truth of the blood covenant and how it relates to us. This is the most important section of this entire website -- it is the FOUNDATION OF OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD.

To continue in our understanding of covenant, go to the next page entitled STEPS IN MAKING A BLOOD COVENANT.

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