THE NEW COVENANT IS THE FOUNDATION OF OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. In this section of the Covenant Kingdom website we will begin to examine the most revolutionary reality in the entire Bible. It is the very foundational truth upon which the entire Christian life is built.

Are you ready to have your life fundamentally changed? If so, let's begin. By the time you finish this entire section on covenant your whole approach to your relationship with God and with the Body of Christ on this earth will be changed.

The new covenant is the secret to the empowered life of the follower of Jesus. It is radical, revolutionary, and transforming.

I know this sounds like I'm some kind of spiritual weido, but most people that call themselves Christians do not live their lives in the realities of the new covenant that Jesus created for them to walk in. They simply participate in a "religion" called Christianity with all of its meetings, rituals, and nice activities. But Jesus did not come to give us another "religion" like Judaism, or Buddhism, or Islam, or Hinduism, or any of the other major religions of the world. He came to do away with religion and give us LIFE.

His life - the life of God. That life was made available to us through the new covenant that Jesus made.

In this section of the covenant kingdom we will examine topics such as the following and all you have to do is click the link:

The understanding of the realities examined in this section of the covenant kingdom website will absolutely revolutionize your life as a follower of Jesus Christ. His death on the cross was the most significant event in the history of the world. When He cried out "IT IS FINISHED !" the entire universe was shaken and He had begun the greatest revolution the universe had ever known.

Start your transformation by clicking this link about about "What is a Blood-Covenant?"

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