Mankind was created in union with God and in union with the earth. God created Man from the dust of the earth and breathed into him the life of God. Mankind was created as very special beings in that they could relate to God and spiritual things as well as earthy physical things and the fleshly human body. Man was created in the image of God being a spirit filled with life, a soul that could reason and think and feel, and a physical body to relate to the physical world through the senses. He was indeed a trinity just like God, but his life was to come from his union with God. He was a spirit like God, and had a soul like God, but lived in a physical body so that he could relate to the physical world as well as spiritual world. He was to live from his spirit and be conscious of the heavenly realm, but from his spirit bring order to everything in his physical body and his physical world. Man was like a branch and God was the vine - the life that flowed through the vine flowed into the branch to give it life. (See John 15:1-11)

Man's Life Flowed From His Union With God

Man was created to live in a garden paradise and enjoy the love and graciousness of his Heavenly Father Creator. Man’s life came from the Father and flowed from the Father to His creation. God had an incredible love for His Man and wanted nothing more than to bless them forever. He gave them everything mankind would ever need, but there was one thing Adam and Eve could never achieve or have.

God Wanted A Family Relationship With His Humans

God’s intent was to lavish his creation with His great love and in return receive love back from His creation, not a mechanical robotic love. Robots cannot be covenant partners with anyone. God’s plan was to be partners with Man and allow Man to rule the earth, but this had to be a voluntary relationship, or it would be nothing more than a master to pet relationship, not a covenant partnership. God wanted a family relationship with His creation. The humanity He created were to be in a relationship with God as if they were sons and daughters relating to their Father. His great desire is for man to have dominion over all creation on the earth and to rule from his position of being in union with God.

Adam and Eve had to grow to know God and find the reason for which they were made and find their reason for being just like human children have to grow to know their parents and find their reason for being alive. They had to choose to trust God and to freely obey Him as the Source of their life. Their entire existence was tied to the life flowing from God to them through their union.

To Choose Life, or Not

For Adam and Eve to have any real choice there had to be something that they could choose or not choose. That choice was centered in the tree of knowledge of good and evil that God placed in the center of the garden. God told them they could have anything in the entire garden, but not to eat of that particular tree or they would surely die. That tree became the tree of choice that would determine if man was to remain in union with God.

Everything that God did for His creation was to wonderfully bless them so they could thoroughly enjoy their life. Why would they even remotely consider eating from the tree of choice? After all, God told them they would die if they did. Why even consider it? Adam had everything and needed absolutely nothing. He was the owner of the earth, having all that he needed, knowing no lack in anything. But he did lack one thing and one thing only - and because he was the created one he would always lack it.

All that he had, from his very breath to his dominion over all creation was all the free gift of God. With every breath he took, he was reminded that he was not God, but a dependent creation that drew its life from the union with God and that the meaning of his life was to be lovingly submitted to his Creator and to enjoy this amazing relationship with Him. It was on this point that the devil came to tempt him. Satan dangled before Adam and Eve as a possible possession the one thing a creature could never have -- divinity. To be LIKE God.

James 1:14-15 -- "But each is tempted when he is carried away bu his own lust. Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death."

I Will Be Like God?

The real heart of Adam’s sin was that he envied God. He could not be tempted to envy what God had because Adam shared that in abundance. He was tempted to envy God for who He was. This inner desire could be fanned, fueled, and fired up to dethrone God and take His place. Adam thought within himself, "I will be like God knowing good and evil."

Doesn't that sound familiar? Look in the Scriptures at Isaiah 14:14 talking about Lucifer's downfall.

Sin’s ultimate desire is to remove God and crown the creation-human in His place. To deny God the right to be God and determine what is right and wrong, or good or evil.

The Great Lie

Satan began to portray God as a liar and not to be trusted. He told Eve that by eating from the tree they were declaring their self-sufficiency and independence from God and that they would possess the one thing they did not have -- they would become as God. He assured her that God had lied and that eating from the tree would not bring death to them, but would bring the knowledge of good and evil - something that only God possessed. He assured her that eating from THAT tree would not bring death, but would instead open the door to a total, self-directed freedom in life.

This was the GREAT LIE from which all the sin of humankind has flowed.

Adam and Eve believed Satan’s lie and made THE CHOICE to disobey God and declare their INDEPENDENCE from God. This action was their response to believing that God had lied to them and that eating from the tree would be beneficial for them and that death would not follow. What they didn’t realize is that what God had told them was true and by their action they CHOSE to severe themselves from the One who was the source of their life and the very meaning of their existence. In that moment, their universe came crashing down on them and they forfeited their union with God. By doing that act they forfeited their LIFE and died by severing themselves from their source of life - their UNION with God.



JOHN 8:44

JOHN 15:1-5


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