Who is Jesus is without a doubt the most controversial question every asked.

He is the most radical revolutionary that has ever been on this earth.

The Bible declares:

  • that He is God
  • that He and the Father are one
  • that He is Lord
  • that He is King
  • that He is the Head of His Church
  • that His Body is on this earth and is inhabited by His Holy Spirit
  • that He was the Lamb of God
  • that He is the Kings of kings
  • that He is the Savior
  • that He is the Good Shepherd
  • that He is Yeshua
  • that He is the Messiah
  • that He is the Bread of Life
  • that He came to give us Life

Who is Jesus -- the Bible continues to declare:


The world wants to say He is simply another prophet of God that has founded a religion. That He is like Buddha, or Mohammed, or any other great religious founder. The question to ask is "Have any of them been raised from the dead?"

We know what everyone says about the historical Jesus of over 2000 years ago that walked the roads of Israel, healing the sick, performing miracles, and proclaiming His message, but if He is still alive today as the Holy Scriptures declare He is what does that mean to you?

What is He like today and what is He doing?

If the message He declared about the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of God are true, shouldn't we investigate it to see if it's true today?

Is His message that we are to "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand"  is true, what should we do with that reality?

The answer to these questions is what this section of the covenant kingdom website entitled "Who is Jesus?" is all about.

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